TOPS-10 pre-built image

This is a TOPS-10 image based off of the one provided by Paul Allen. The only difference is that it has these TOPS-10 layered products installed: APLSF V2 (435), BLISS-36 V4.2 (236), DBMS V5A, IQL3A V30,
Message System V11CK , ALGOL-10 Version 10A, KERMIT, COBOL(68 and 74) and FORTRAN.

I also plan to provide tutorial documentation for the TOPS-10 novice to get started with.

The purpose of this image is to make avialable to the general public a fully loaded TOPS-10 system that is useful right out of the box for writing software and learning TOPS-10 in general. With Kermit software installed you can easily upload your COBOL or fortran source (after propper formatting) and use the provided compilers to get real work done. No more wondering how to get a free COBOL compiler.

The image was tested aganst the most recent version of simh under Solaris 9.


I have only done minimal testing of the installed software. I have tried as much as possible to follow all relavant install documentation while generating this image. Some installed software needs to have additional steps taken to enable it. Please see the relavant TOPS-10 software notebooks , and documentation files on the distribution tapes. for more info. the distro tapes (including online listings of files and their contents), can be found at pdp-10.trailing-edge .com The TOPS-10 software notebooks can be found at Zane H. Healy's site
Also please take a look at Zane H. Healy's DEC PDP-10 Emulation page
I claim no responsibility for the suitability of this software for any purpose. but if theres somthing broken and you know how to fix it, please let me know so i can update this image.


10/23/2006 After a long period of stagnation I have just released revision 1.2 of the TOPS-10 7.03 distro This new version has a fully functional kermit, and the sed screen editor (no relation at all to UNIX sed) and a DSKC structure. It's now all contained in a tar file and has examples for using kermit to transfer files and how to compile COBOL programs including a sample COBOL source file.

08/7/2007 Daniel Baum pointed out that I had incompatable COBOL versions installed (COBOL-74 V12C, and COBOL-68 V12A) I have now both cobol versions at 12B

08/14/2007 I saw the original Adventure sources posted on slashdot so i couldn't resist trying to make them compile on TOPS-10 It gave me an excuse to test (and fix) the fortran compiler. so the 1.4 release will fix the fortran compiler and give you the original adventure enjoy. (I have also provided advent as a tape image)

08/15/2007 In case any of you are wondering where to find adventure its actually under the operator account PPN 1,2 you just type login 1,2 or use the account thats logged in by default at the console. and run dsk:adv click here to see a recorded terminal session that show you how to get the whole thing running and into adventure.

09/04/2018 I was shocked to discover that this image is being used by The blinkenbone project I've updated some broken links so that they point to a mirror of the dead page instead.

02/03/2019 I got an email from Zane H. Healy and updated the links to point to his new site.


If you have any problems with the image that you know how to fix or perhaps some sugestions please contact me at wschaub at


quick start guide for this distribution
image history
COBOL Compilation HOWTO
Kermit HOWTO
TOPS-10 7.03 Distribution R1.4 ( two rp06 pack images)
advent.tap original adventure source and binarys
advent.dir directory listing of advent tape

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