Efika MX smartbook experiments at Steuben Technologies

I recently became the happy owner of an Efika MX smartbook and have decided to post some of my experiments up for review on this page as time permits.


Sugar SD card image for the Efika MX

This is the Ubuntu 10.10 operating system shipped with the Efika MX set up to boot and run from an SD card and boot directly into a sugar envorinment. files and instructions are at the link below.

This is meant purely as a way to spark interest in the Efika MX by the OLPC community and Steuben Technologies makes no commitment to ongoing support. However I will post updates as I investigate various ways to make it act like Sugar on the XO-1 (including an attempt at mesh networking when Genesi puts up an updated kernel).
Efika MX sugar demo

Maverick 10.10 live SD image:

This is just an install of the operating system that ships with the efika on a bootable SD card so you can experiment with the system without messing up your internal flash install. I probably wont be updating this often (if at all) but the instructions might help someone that wants to install to an SD card themselves.
Maverick 10.10 live SD image

Minimal headless Debian 3 in 1 recovery,livesd,installer image(Smart Top only)

This image allows you top use your smarttop completely headless. all you need is an ethernet cable, SD card and an ssh client. One SD card image gives you a recovery shell over ssh, an option to blow away the installer and run direct from SD and an option to install to the internal SSD. at no proint do you ever need to plug a screen into the smarttop because all interaction is done over SSH.
Debian headless images

Debian Squeeze Desktop with Genesi hardware support packages added

This image is intended to give users a similar experience to the maverick image except with Debian stable. There is no oem-config on this image, just an initial user efikia with a password of efika. it only installs onto the internal drive. This image is not supported by Genesi but I will answer questions about it on powerdeveloper.org
Debian Desktop image

Precise Desktop image with Genesi hardware support packages added

This image is not as function as the squeeze image in regards to multimedia playback. but what it lacks there is still getting patches from the ubuntu repository. it is provided as is with no support from me.
Precise Desktop image

Kernel packages for the Efika MX

Various builds of the linux-legacy git for the Efika MX as debian packages for both armel and armhf.
Kernel Packages

Compat wireless packages

compat-wireless packages for Debian armel and armhf built against the linux-legacy kernel for the Efika MX.