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Does your company have a substantial investment in old or obsolete software or hardware that while no longer supported by the vendor still is vital to the continued operation of your business? If the answer is yes I want to help you and your business continue operating and help you reap as much benefit as possible form your legacy systems while still being able to leverage modern technology.

I have experience with a wide variety of obsolete Hardware and software. Got an old 8 bit Micro, Mac Classic, some proprietary non-PC based server system, an old midrange or minicomputer? We can help you integrate it into your current IT systems, or migrate off of it.


Links of Interest:

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Al Kossow's software and Documentation Archive
A collection of Terminal manuals and other documentation
A large collection of online Manuals for obsolete equipment and software a resource for PDP8 users and emulation
SheepShaver a MacOS Classic emulation environment